12th C shoe based on #86 in Shoes and Pattens. This shoe is ankle tied with an embroidered stripe down the vamp.  It can also include a whip stitched edge for added strength

US $195.00 to $210.00



13th century side laced ankle boot is based on no. 89 in Shoes and Pattens.  This shoe includes tunnel stitched reinforcing strips for the lacing and a heel stiffener.



A typical 14th or 15th century ankle boot.  This example is not based on any specific existing shoe, but is consistent with shoes found in the Museum of London and the Bata Shoe Museum.  Also available with a half tongue, so that it may be folded down for warm weather or style, and with a third lace, to offer additional support for fighting.  Further options include buckle closure, button closure, or a side lace closure (15th century). 

$185.00US to 225.00US


Based on shoes from the 14th and 15th Centuries found in both England and the Netherlands.   Similar shoes can be found in the Museum of London and the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto.  This particular pair has an extra high leg sheath.  Side lacing of hemp cord is also available.  Reinforcing strips and a whip stitch around the edges is also available.

Prices start at 200.00US.


Based on the pair of boots found in the Oseberg ship burial.  It is also a common style through the early 13th Century.  A similar style boot appears in the Museum of London (no.87).  Also available with a triangular heel, simply pointed toe and taller . 

  $190.00US to 250.00US


A typical Elizabethan era latch shoe.  Based on a shoe in the Museum of London.  A welted turn shoe with a heel and a heel stiffener. 




An ankle boot based on a find from Medieval Jorvik (York).  Typical 8th to 10th century Anglo-Scandanavian including the triangular shaped heel and ankle tied boot with no tongue or a toggle fastened ankle boot.

$185.00US to 200.00US


A typical medieval shoe.  Based on a number of different examples, including no. 99 in Shoes and Pattens.  Includes a whip stitched edge and can include a heel stiffener as well as tunnel stitched reinforcing cord.

$135.00US to $160.00 US


A typical open topped 14th shoe based on no. 102 from Shoes and Pattens.  Includes tunnel stitched reinforcing cord and a correctly styled cast buckle (available from Windrose Armoury and Gaukler Medieval Wares).  These are excellent dress or court shoes for men or women.

 $165.00 to 190.00US


Based on a side laced Dutch shoe find from Reimerswaal, this style, while not commonly found, was a typical style for later iconographic representations for shoemakers’ guilds and shop signs as well as serving as a general symbol of the shoemakers’ trade.  This shoe includes a reinforced opening for the lacing.

  Prices range from $175.00 – 190.00US depending on color and options.



Shoe based on the 14th C. Dutch shoe in the Bowen Collection, this reconstruction has a heel reinforce, a two piece vamp, and a tunnel stitch reinforced edge.  This is an extremely accurate interpretation of an existing shoe. 



Based on a shoe in the Museum of London, as well as a piece in our personal collection, this style is often shown in illuminations and woodcuts of the very late 15th and early 16th century.  Often called Landeskinecht shoes, they use an authentic style buckle(available from Windrose Armoury and Gaukler Medieval Wares) and can have a variety of decorative elements added to the shoes.

Starting at US$160.00 and up depending on decoration and style.