Cigar Box Guitars

Most of our guitars have toothpick frets and quality machine tunings.  Prices do not include shipping.  They are strung with appropriate strings and the guitars are generally tuned GDG on the 3 strings.


This guitar has a hand made box, a flattened spoon tailpiece, and a number of different decorative hardwoods.  While it can be plugged into an external amp, it also has a 9V 2.5 Watt CB Gitty amp kit built into the guitar.  Be careful with the gain on the amp and the tone on the guitar(feedback can be fierce), but it plays well both ways.  It has a higher action for slide playing.   Available for immediate shipping.



This guitar has a hand made box, a flattened spoon for the tailpiece, a number of different decoarative hardwoods are used in the construction of the guitar.  It has a higher action for playing slide and sounds quite nice either acoustic or electric. 



Here is an electric guitar made from a baseball bat.  It has a full guitar scale length and an electric pickup.  Available for immediate shipping.



To go along with our baseball bat guitar, we have a baseball bat fiddle.  Made out of a child’s size bat, it has a 4/4 violin scale with a violin style pickup.  It comes with a bow and is available for immediate shipping.



Had some fun here.  It feels very compact, though it has a full length scale.  Tuned GDG with an electric pickup and volume control, this guitar is available for immediate shipping.




After a few requests, we now have some cigar box banjos for sale.  The one on the top has a fairly low action and is suitable for clawhammer playing, but picks tend to bang the top.  The other has a higher action suitable for finger picks.

$145.00US ea.


Here is something new.  Each of these basses are made with a wine crate.  The upright bass on the left has a curved cherry fingerboard and maple bridge.  It has a contact pickup on the bridge and has a small violin bow at present.  The bass on the right is essentially a long scale (35″) bass built as an upright.  It has a marked but fretless fingerboard and a long tail that can be cut to suit the player’ height.  Both are available for immediate shipping, which will be more expensive than normal because of the size.

$349.95US                                                                                                          Sold


Here is a shitar or crapocaster.  Electric with volume control and tuned GDG.  They actually have excellent resonance.  It is available for immediate shipping.



This bass has a really large cigar box body.  It has a 32″ scale and frets with an electric pickup.  Available for immediate shipping.



Here are a couple of 3 string electric basses that we have.  One is tuned EAD, the other is ADG.  The extended tails allow them to balance well.  Available for immediate shipping.

$120.00 ea.